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The Belleek Mark - "Without Which None Is Genuine"

Founded in 1857 by John Caldwell Bloomfield, the Belleek Mark was introduced as a sign of authenticity due to many imitators at the time. The initial pieces displayed the name of company only and the offical Mark was finalized in 1863. The Belleek Mark is now applied to the bottom of each piece of genuine Belleek China.  Although it has changed over the years, there are several common elements.

An Irish Wolfhound has its head turned backward to face a round tower.  This is believed by many to be the Devenish Round Tower on Devenish Island in Lower Lough Erne.  An Irish Harp Appears to the right of the tower.  Below these three features the name "Belleek" appears on a banner with a shamrock border on the ends. 

Belleek First Mark
First Mark

Early pottery: "BELLEEK" or "BELLEEK, CO FERMANAGH". First mark was predominantly black, also red, blue, orange, green and brown. Some pieces also carry the British Patent Office registration mark, with the date of registration.

Belleek Second Mark
Second Mark

The mark was changed to comply with the McKinley Tariff Act of 1891, requiring imports to the USA to specify the country of origin. The second banner was added with the words "CO FERMANAGH, IRELAND".

Belleek Third Mark
Third Mark

(made in Ireland) and the registered trademark number
0857 appear below banner.

Belleek 4th Mark
Fourth Mark
The mark remains the same, but the color is changed to green.

Belleek Fifth Mark
Fifth Mark

The USA registration circle R is added above the banner.

Belleek Sixth Mark
Sixth Mark
March 31, 1980

"CO FERMANAGH" has been removed from the banner.

Belleek 7th Mark 
Seventh Mark
April 1, 1980-
December 22, 1992

Same as previous, but in gold.

Belleek 8th Mark
  Eighth Mark

"CO FERMANAGH" in the second banner again and the color is blue.

Belleek 9th Mark
  Ninth Mark

The second banner has been removed again.

Belleek 10th Mark
Tenth Mark
Year 2000 Only

"MILLENIUM 2000" appears above the mark, "IRELAND" appears below the mark and the color is black.

Belleek 11th Mark
Eleventh Mark
January 2001- -

"MILLENIUM 2000" has been removed and the color is green.

Belleek 150th Anniversary Mark
150th Annivesary
2007 Only

A banner with "Celebrating 150 Years" is added on top. This mark was used only for this one year. The Eleventh Mark was reinstated in 2008.



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